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About Us


 Couture Confidence Camp is an organization committed to empowering young children and teens on being confident in who they are and their inner abilities, to ultimately empower them to wear their confidence. Our interactive workshops are neatly designed to outfit kids and adolescents with the tools they need to properly handle:

  1. Daily challenges
  2. Make insightful decisions towards conflict resolution
  3. Build their personality traits to further life skills and teach them to love who they are 

We also provide resources to encourage parents on their journey to lead their children to live their best lives.

We offer private workshops and group workshops, in and around NYC. We also can travel to your location and provide a confidence workshop, by request. Our goal is to provide every child with the tools to build their confidence to pursue his or her personal goals and dreams, while supporting others, as well.    


We work with children as young as 3 years old and coach children through various stages of development including young adolescents. Our workshops are age appropriate and fun! Through games that encourage healthy communication, setting personal boundaries, building self-esteem and more - we enjoy watching our students grow and flourish into extremely confident beings. Our workshops do not only focus on building confidence, we also focus on confidence maintenance.

Many of our students are children of the arts. Pursuing a career in front of the camera can co me with a lot of rejection. We help your child understand how not to internalize this and give their very best at an audition, every single time.

If your child has a hard time socializing with others, our confidence workshops will help boost his or her self-esteem and give your child the courage to build healthy friendships.

Does your child suffer from stage fright? We can help with that too!


Confidence is a key factor to leading a happier and successful life. We believe confidence is a journey and we reinforce the belief that it is one you must dedicate time and energy to developing. No matter where you are in your confidence journey, Couture Confidence Camp is here to help you.


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We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about how we can assist your child on his or her confidence journey and how we can help you, as a parent, continuously support your child!